Northern Maine Vacay 2020

Back in May, when things felt bleak and spring just couldn’t rear its pretty head, I realized it was time to think about getting away in August. Usually, by May, most of the optimal summer weeks are booked at popular spots. I decided to check out availability at the New England Outdoor Center – SCORE!Continue reading “Northern Maine Vacay 2020”

A new find: Monroe Island

We have lived in mid-coast Maine for 28 years now. We spend a lot of time venturing in the great outdoors. The summer opens up a seasonal playground, Penobscot Bay. Last weekend, we spontaneously decided to come ashore on Monroe Island, after beaching and picnicking on Birch Island. We were delighted to discover something new,Continue reading “A new find: Monroe Island”

Early summah in the time of COVID

This is an unusual time. Usually, we are full speed ahead with the arrival of warmer weather and opportunities to be on the water, play with friends and partake in local festivals. I don’t feel the full speed ahead this year, it’s more like – ok, we can do this, the weather is bright andContinue reading “Early summah in the time of COVID”

Discovering something new at an old place

Sunday drives have taken on a whole new meaning in the time of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. This past Sunday, Tom and I made our way down the Friendship peninsula to the Olsen House. We ventured across the street onto the famous field and towards a small cemetery. As I expected, we foundContinue reading “Discovering something new at an old place”